Houses of Rome

Release v0.1.0.6

BoR currency formatter. Prefix currency type on tooltip. Add additional formatting.

Release v0.1.0.5

Fix issues with HoR logo rendering.

Release v0.1.0.4

Add a total option for the charts in the Bank of Rome. Activated for the Treasury Assets.

Release v0.1.0.3

Optimize data queries for the Bank of Rome and War Game.

Release v0.1.0.2

Fixes an issue with the Exchange settings where certain values weren't allowed.

Release v0.1.0.1

This release fixes modals not opening after one click if another modal is already open. Previously, two clicks were needed.

Release v0.1.0.0

This release gave users a glimpse into the game world Rome is building.

This includes the Bank of Rome for simplified staking, bonding, and integrated AMM. Further, we include some key camera locations, building textures, and the new home page.

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ALPHA v0.1.0.6